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  • Is my Driveway going to be blocked ?
    Yes, We typically treat one side of the street at a time and once cured we return and treat the other side. We simply ask that you use adjoining streets to park for 24 hours or arrange to park at your neighbors home across the street and then you can return the favor by allowing them to use your driveway while their side of the street is being treated.
  • How long is my driveway going to be blocked?
    Depending on temperatures, the seal coat usually take 24 hours to cure. Once cured we will remove the barricades and allow traffic to return.
  • Where do I park my car?
    Either on adjoining streets near your home or you can coordinate with your neighbor from across the street to park in their driveway and vis-versa.
  • Will it affect the School Bus schedule or pickup location ?
    Pertaining to school bus drop offs and pickups, typically this designated areas simple switch sides of the street and very little disruption is caused.
  • Where Should I Place My Trash Can ?
    If your trash day corresponds with the day we are scheduled to treat your side of the street, we simple ask that you place your trash receptacles along the opposite side of the street and the trash truck will only have to pass once down the street and will pick up everyone’s trash in one pass.
  • What happens to my UPS, FedEx or Amazon Deliveries ?"
    Delivery schedules generally don’t need to change. Once the seal coat is applied it can be lightly walked on within an hour or so, it just cannot be driven on for the full curing time.
  • I Have Mobility Issues And Needs To Get In And Out Of My Driveway.
    If you have any type of disability limiting your ability to walk long or short distances and need access to your driveway during this process, please let us know ahead of time and we will arrange with our Foreman to only treat half of your driveway at a time.
  • I Have A Health Condition That Requires Ambulance Access To My Driveway
    Emergency vehicles will always have access to your property. In the event of an emergency, emergency personal are welcome to make their way to your home and if the seal coat is damaged as a result we will touch up any marked or damaged seal coat towards the end of the seal coat cycle.
  • What if seal coat has been tracked into or onto my driveway?
    Seal coat can be easily removed with a power washer; but in the event of this happening, the responsibility of removing the seal coat falls on the responsible party.
  • If residents drive over, thru or around barricades resulting in damage to seal coat, the HOA reserves the right to charge those residents for the return and reapplication of seal coat to the damaged area"
    Ample notification will be given via one or more methods i.e. hand delivered flyers; which are GPS tracked, email blasts, mailed notices from management companies or from posted signs at the entrances of the community listing WEB sites and updates etc.
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